The mission of Valiant Mentorship & Sporting Agency is:

“To foster and encourage the holistic development of youths”

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Who are we?


At Valiant Mentorship and Sporting Agency we pride ourselves in the daily contribution to individual and community well-being. We believe that by sharing common values we can increase the opportunities each individual has within their community.


Our staff members are a diverse group of dedicated individuals with a wide range of skills and expertise.


Our goal is to make a difference in your life and those around you.

what do we do?


As a provider of mentorship where both sports and academics are concerned, we take pride in offering quality service. We are dedicated to serving the needs of our participants each and every day


The ultimate mission of this mentorship program is to encourage growth from within by providing and enabling participants with leadership and developmental opportunities.


Currently, VMSA is a pilot initiative, therefore our participants will also be instrumental in shaping and creating ideas and tools that would be valuable in the future.





Our staff members have varied experiences in sports, high academic achievements, community services, and faith-based involvements.

Donations can be sent to Valiant Mentorship and Sporting Agency via any branch of First Citizens Bank of Trinidad and Tobago, West Indies
Savings Account number: #2270593
Cherrisse Shallow

Cherrisse Shallow has been a Registered Mental Nurse for over last eight years. Ms. Shallow is presently completing her degree in Social Work and has a passion for working with young people. In addition, she volunteers as a counselor with the YMCA and mentors youths within her community and faith based organization.

Kirbysa James

Kirbysa James is a native of Trinidad and Tobago who grew up within strong family, church and community values. Ms. James has extensive exposure and successes in academics, church, community and sports. Her passion for mentoring is seen by her experience with local youth camps, Boys and Girls Clubs in the USA, schools programs and young military personnel. She is no stranger to local and international sports as she played both rugby and soccer at the varsity level in the United States.

Curtis Duncan

Curtis Duncan is a Trinidadian born entrepreneur who has also emerged from strong church and family values. He has been involved in sports from a very young age and has had the opportunity to play varsity soccer in the USA. He continues to work with youths in his local community and church. Mr. Duncan believes with sheer determination and possessing a God centered environment success is no longer just a dream.

The objective of the mentoring relationship: (i) Stimulate self-discovery (ii) Encourage self-development (iii) Provide exposure to opportunities (iv) Enhance personal talents (v) Strengthen and expose latent skills as a way of motivating self-achievement Locations of mentoring: (i) Workplace (ii) Savannahs (iii) Schools (iv) Faith-based organizations (v) Youth clubs (vi) Community settings

Mentoring program objectives: (i) Create a talent pool both in sports and academics (ii) Engage and support performance (iii) Create a culture of continued improvement (iv) Transfer knowledge (v) Cultivate individual development (vi) Foster professional relationships

(f) What is mentoring? Or what does a mentor do? (i) Guide participants through personal growth (ii) Encourage personal and professional growth (iii) Invests time, energy, personal experiences and resources (iv) Motivates participants in their quest of self-discovery (v) Promotes intentional learning and growth opportunities (vi) Provides emotional support

What does a sports agent do? (i) Recruit and build reliable athletes (ii) Negotiate events and other applicable recommendation for athletes (iii) Network for athletes (iv) Manage professional image of athletes How often do mentors and mentees meet? (i) At least twice a month, once a week depending on the intensity of the situation but no less than 4 hrs a month.

How long is the program? (i) Twelve (12) months, but can be renewed upon participants’ growth assessment and willingness to continue What are the age groups? (i) 11 years old through 21 years old Types of mentoring: (i) Traditional--one adult to one youth (ii) Group--one adult to four youths (iii) Team--several adults to a small group of youths using a 1:4 ratio (iv) Peer--one caring youth to another youth (v) E-mentoring--via email

How do we work together? (i) Establish a ‘needs’ assessment (ii) Formulate conversation guides (iii) Discuss goals and ways in which they can be achieved (iv) Follow-up on work and developmental actions (v) Provide feedback reports (vi) Plan and get involved in academic, sporting, recreational and cultural activities

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